This certificate prepares individuals with a foundational knowledge of the Old Testament.

Certificate Objective

Upon completion of the Old Testament Certificate, students should be able to exhibit knowledge and understanding of the Old Testament.


    Old Testament Survey is an overview of the background, events, people, and theology of the Old Testament with reflection on connections to the New Testament and application to Christian faith and life.
    This course introduces the first five books of the Bible through a survey of its contents, with attention to its social and historical contexts, distinctive literary forms and features, major themes and theological assertions, and enduring message and relevance.
    A study of the prophetic books (Isaiah through Malachi) from a chronological study of the prophets. Special attention will be given to historic context and the religious, social, political, and apocalyptic messages of the prophets.
    This course is a study of each of the historical books from Joshua to Esther, tracing the history of Israel from the entrance into Canaan through the exile and return.

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