Leadership Lesson 5: Do you see Obstacles?

Do You See Obstacles?

What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?  ~ Romans 8:31

Wow! Am I being challenged! Have you ever studied Joshua? What a leader! His motto was "Giants -- what giants? Have you ever seen my God?" Joshua saw God and saw the vision of the promised land! Everyone else saw the obstacles! Which do you see when new vision is before you -- obstacles or the promised land?

Spending three weeks with God (each morning) and family gave me a new God-sighting! Leader, do you take time to think and pray about your view of God? I have to retreat with God every few months to really know how to move in step with Him and to quit seeing the obstacles. Joshua faced it--listen in to Him! Let’s look at practical examples of focusing on obstacles:

  • Perspective
    "The giants are so big. Do you see these giants?"
    Do you ever think, "What are the legal issues for this ministry?" or, "If we only had personnel?" or, "We lost the abortion battle or the marriage battle -- the government is a big giant!" As a leader, you must find and focus on God's view.
  • Numbers
    "We are so small and there are so many of them. Wow! How can we make an impact?"
    Sometimes other churches or a community that resists growth are the giants! Do you allow yourself to become content, or lead with the vision?
  • Limited resources
    "Joshua, the Egyptians have plenty of food, plenty of metal for war, plenty of everything, and we are traveling through a desert with nothing. You want us to take them on? Wow!"
    When you have a vision from God, part of being a leader is relying on His supply, not your own!
  • Unbelief
    "Joshua we are tired of trusting. If we do more for God, He will ask us to fight 22 more tribes and 22 more battles. See those tribes -- I counted them today! We can never take the promised land."
    The real question is why are we doing what we are doing? If we are doing it for our own success we will get tired. At these times we need a new God-view! What do you need to ask God for in your life? Ask for His Spirit to give you a fresh world view.
  • Criticism
    One last giant for Joshua were his critics. "Oh, that Joshua is always trying to conquer the promised land. It's the leaders fault."  Do you want to go on a journey of growth? Don't blame Joshua -- be a leader!