Where is God Calling OCU for the Next 5 Years?

Recently the Board of Trustees allowed me a time for recreation, rest, and rejuvenation. During that month, I was greatly impacted by the book of Joshua and began to think about the vision of OCU for the next five years. As I studied, God gave me this verse as a promise:

"The land on which your feet have walked will be your inheritance and that of your children forever, because you have followed the Lord my God wholeheartedly.”
~ Joshua 14:9, NIV

While on the trip I also read The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson and was challenged to pray for a larger circle of influence. At the conclusion of that planning process, I met with the OCU Administrative team to develop vision.

As we planned, our prayer was for God to guide us in vision and planning. We sense that we are called to educate men and women of integrity to live, share, preach, and teach biblical truth in a generation that needs to see the love of Christ. In essence, we desire to create an Ohio Christian University education that prepares this generation for societal impact through biblical truth and service.

Over the next few months we will seek to answer these questions from our constituents and community:

  • What are the ministry opportunities for OCU?
  • What new academic programs should be proposed?
  • In what ways can OCU gain cost efficiencies?
  • What are new ideas to accomplish enrollment growth?
  • What are three ways that OCU can be promoted to the broader community?
  • With whom should OCU connect and why?
  • Who would you recommend to work at OCU? Why?

We know there are more questions, and we have many ideas about new programs and direction, but we want your ideas. What are your answers to the questions? What are your questions?

Guiding Principles for Ohio Christian University

As we enter this time, we understand that there are principles which must guide our vision. We agree that these five principles will guide a consensus goal of 20 or 25% annual growth if we are effectively serving the church and our community.

We look forward to a creative time with you. We are interested in your thoughts, but remember that we all think about 60,000 thoughts a day and for most people 40,000 are negative. It is only the people and organizations who switch to more positive thought processes who impact the world. Are you ready to think? Share your ideas and answers by email to vision@ohiochristian.edu.

by Dr. Mark A. Smith, OCU President