OCU Psych Club Created, Holds First Meeting & Elects President

The Psychology Department of Ohio Christian University held the first meeting of the newly created Psych Club on Friday, December 2, 2010. Under the leadership of Dr. Larry Olson, the psychology department is seeking to fill the various academic needs of psychology majors through activities that extend beyond the traditional classroom. Dr. Sylvia McDonald, psychology department faculty, suggested the creation of a Psychology Club and has volunteered to help form and advise the club.

"Our Club's purpose is multifaceted", said Dr. McDonald. "We wanted to give the students additional opportunity to interact with the faculty, to ask questions and gain specific information related to their sub-field of interest, and enjoy the science of psychology."

Psych Club President Stephanie Lindeman with Dr. Sylvia McDonald

The Psych Club will seek to provide various topics during monthly meetings. Future meeting topics include: preparing for and choosing a graduate school, state counseling licensure procedure, and roundtable discussions on current research.

During their first meeting, the Psych Club held an educational viewing and discussion of the movie, Sybil. This 1976 made-for-TV movie is based on the life and therapeutic relationship of a woman diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (then called Multiple Personality Disorder).  It is a movie that faculty often speak of in various psychology classes. However, due to the 3 hour length of the movie, showing it in class simply was not practical. This was an opportunity for students to view the movie and discuss not only the topic of Dissociative Identity Disorder but also various other topics associated with the movie such as the therapeutic relationship, hypnotism in counseling, ethics, and Biblical perspective.

This first meeting achieved a primary club objective of providing additional educational opportunities for students outside of the classroom while presenting opportunity to interact with faculty. "This format allowed students to ask questions that would normally consume too much classroom time", commented Dr. McDonald. "There were no time constraints or other text material that necessitated our attention. It was a perfect time for the Q&A that students enjoy so much about this fascinating topic in Abnormal Psychology".

During this initial meeting, The Psych Club also elected its first club president, Stephanie Lindeman. Stephanie is a senior psychology major at OCU, with a 3.6 GPA, including a 4.0 in her major area of psychology. The Psych Club is offered to psychology majors a well as any other student interested in the field of psychology. The next meeting is currently scheduled for January 25th at 7pm.