Worship Studies Certificate


The Certificate in Worship Studies program is for students and church leaders who want to better understand worship leadership. The program provides orientation to the field of worship leadership, a biblical foundation for worship leading, and essential tools for planning worship. The program does not require a musical skills evaluation or applied study.


  • Continuation of MU106.
    Offered: Fall Prerequisite: MU106 or successful music theory placement exam
  • A biblical understanding of who God is, and how He has chosen to relate with people, especially those he has redeemed. The course will focus on implications for worship ministries in the local church.
    Offered: Spring Prerequisite: None
  • Professional association for Worship Leadership students. Includes student leadership development, community engagement, and participation in professional enrichment opportunities provided by OCU and others.
    Offered: Fall Prerequisite: None
  • The ministryand calling of a worship leader, including current leadership and ministry practices, an introduction to worship planning, and a survey of biblical and historical foundations of worship. Overview of the OCU Worship Leadership program, including typical career opportunities. Weekly 1-hour field experience component is required.
    Offered: Fall Prerequisite: None
  • Methods for planning worship. Topics include personal spiritual preparation, use of resources with emphasis on the use of Scripture, selection of worship materials, engagement with the Christian Year, discipleship and pastoral care through worship. This course consists of one lecture and one field session each week. Worship planning competencies are evaluated by the field mentor.
    Offered: Spring Prerequisite: TH125


Music, Worship Leadership or Worship Technology Elective(s)

  • Professional ministry as a life calling and vocation, including spiritual development, acquisition of ministry skills, the mission of the church, and ministry as a profession, addressed from historical and contemporary perspectives. Development of the initial skills and attitudes of a professional minister.
    Offered: Spring Prerequisite: None
  • Psychological and social processes that characterize effective leadership. Biblical leadership models and current leadership concepts and theories. Positive and negative characteristics of leadership and the psychological principles of followership. Discovery of personal leadership and followership styles of the individual students.
    Offered: Spring Prerequisite: None

For help with declaring a minor or certification, please contact the University Registrar’s Office. Students changing majors, may consider using coursework from the previous major toward one of these programs. Guidelines for minors and certifications may be found in the Academics section of the Traditional Undergraduate Catalog, under “Additional Program Options.”

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