Integrated Language Arts Concentration

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  • ENG2240 American Literature I 3
  • ENG2280 American Literature II 3
  • ENG3260 British Literature I 3
  • ENG3280 British Literature II 3
  • ENG3400 Editing Essentials 3
  • ENG3600 Studies in Shakespeare 3
  • ENG3800 Professional and Technical Writing 3
  • ENG4000 Literary Criticism 3
  • ENG4100 The 18th Century Novel 3
  • ENG4200 History and Nature of the English Language 3
  • ENG4400 Modern Rhetorical Theory 3
  • ENG4800 Writing for Publications -SR Capstone 3
  • An introductory survey of literature, including fiction, poetry, and drama. Development of the student’s ability to read critically and analytically and write in response to the literature.
    Offered: Spring Prerequisite: None
  • A general survey of multicultural literature, including literature written by or about minorities and literature from nonwestern countries outside the United States. Literature is examined according to its general literary value and the cultural perspective of the writer.
    Offered: Fall Prerequisite: None
  • Examination of quality adolescent literature in the context of current issues, including censorship, multiculturalism, approaches to reading, the relation of adolescent literature to classic literature, and the integration of adolescent literature into thematic units.
    Offered: Fall Prerequisite:
  • The English phonological cueing system and its use in a balanced literacy program. Emphasis on helping young students develop word analysis strategies for reading, spelling and syllabication.
    Offered: Spring Prerequisite: TE203 Course Fee: $139
  • Resources, approaches, and techniques of language and composition instruction for secondary school situations.
    Offered: Spring Prerequisites: TE203, TE329, TE330 Course Fee: $105
  • 40 clock-hour field experience corequisite for TE460.
    Offered: Spring Corequisite: TE460
  • Resources, approaches, and techniques for literature instruction in secondary school situations.
    Offered: Fall Prerequisites: TE203, TE329, TE330
  • 40 clock-hour field experience corequisite for TE461.
    Offered: Fall Corequisite: TE461

*6 hours of overlap with General Education core. Total Program Hours: 138. Literature, Mathematics and History courses listed below fulfill General Education Core requirements, including the General Education Elective.


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