Government Minor

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  • Government and politics in the United States with emphasis on government and political structures and the development of the enduring form of American government.
    Offered: Every semester Prerequisite: None
  • The legislative processes and procedures of Congress, including law-making, policy-making, the passage of laws, and acts of the legislature.
    Offered: Spring, even semester Prerequisite: GOV101, SS205, SS206
  • The influence of the Media on public policy and the opinions of citizens, with emphasis on interaction between the media, elected officials, and other interest groups.
    Offered: Fall, even semester Prerequisite: GOV101, SS205, SS206
  • The federal judicial powers vested in the U.S. Supreme Court and the federal courts, with emphasis on decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, American Federalism, the Constitution, and the civil rights of the American people.
    Offered: Every third spring Prerequisite: SS205, SS206, SS328
  • Introduction to American politics with emphasis on national institutions, including the political theory of the American Constitution, relational aspects of the three branches of government, responsibilities of state and federal governments, and the role of the courts in interpreting the law.
    Offered: Fall Prerequisites: POL201
  • Continuation of American Political Institutions I, including historical and modern American campaigns and elections, issues raised in campaigns and elections, the influence of the campaign finance, media, interest groups, and their impact on public policy.
    Offered: Spring, odd semester Prerequisites: None


  • Roundtables with business leaders in small, medium, and large businesses demonstrate how theory and practice come together in the actual experiences of significant business people. Students interact and network with these business leaders during and after the roundtables.
    Offered: Every semester Prerequisite: None Pass/Fail
  • Students engage with significant experts and nationally recognized thought leaders hosted by the School of Business & Government.
    Offered: Every semester Prerequisite: None Pass/Fail
  • Practical strategies and skills for career searches, job interviews, resume creation, networking, and career portfolio development. Developing career goals and plans. Includes six workshops and a networking dinner.
    Offered: Every semester Prerequisite: None Pass/Fail

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