Youth Ministries Minor

Ranked 4th among online Christian colleges
OCU ranks 4th among the “Top 8 online Christian Colleges and Universities in 2017” according to Ranking is by graduation, retention and acceptance rates, student-teacher ratios, tuition costs, years of accreditation, reputation, awards, and job placement records.


  • The characteristics of youth and ways of meeting the needs of this age group. Field experience is required.
    Offered: Fall, odd semester Prerequisite: None
  • The teaching act and teaching-learning events, including the teaching acts of Jesus, informed by current insights from the social sciences, with implications for developing one’s own approach, strategy, and style as a teacher. Practical application through teaching experiences.
    Offered: Spring, even semester Prerequisite: CE201 or CM102
  • Cultural trends in adolescent and family lifestyles, values and issues, and their relationship to ministry. Developmental issues involving families with adolescents. Designing and implementing family-based youth ministry programs.
    Offered: Fall, even semester Prerequisite: CE201 or CM102
  • Qualifications of a youth leader, including evangelizing, discipling and developing leaders, and relationships with God, family, church, teens and community.
    Offered: Fall, odd semester Prerequisite: CE201 or CM102
  • Past and present models of ministry and a personal formulation of one’s philosophy of ministry.
    Offered: Spring, odd semester Prerequisite: CE201 or CM102
  • Programs, materials, and methods currently used in youth ministry. Topics include worship, ministry opportunities, discipleship, biblical education, and fellowship.
    Offered: Fall, even semester Prerequisite: CE201 or CM102
  • Youth Ministries Electives2

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