Follow Christ, Lead the Way
OCU Student Govt. President Samuel Church

Samuel Church came to Ohio Christian University (OCU) looking to make a difference. Growing up in Toledo, OH in a struggling economy, Samuel experienced his family digging deep to overcome the challenge. “There weren’t expectations of rising and doing anything big, but I decided not to settle for that,” he recalls. 

Samuel focused his energy and effort on athletics where he excelled, and OCU recruited him to join the track team. When he visited the campus in Circleville, OH, he was unsure what the future held. But, he remembers, “Everyone knew my name in about ten minutes, and they didn’t forget it. They did little things that showed they were interested in me personally, invested in why I wanted to come here.”

A student-athlete, Samuel is pursuing his dream of owning a business. “The reason I am here is not only because I overcame challenges but because of blessings that enable me to refine my faith and life.”

Entering his junior year, Samuel is working on a business and government degree and continually looking for opportunities to serve. Elected student body president for the 2018-19 academic year, he is serving on leadership committees and has traveled on educational trips to Washington, D.C., New York City, and Israel that broadened his perspective. He sees these activities as refining his faith and servant leadership. “My faith is growing mainly from challenging my ideas. It’s an honor to do that here. It helps me to question and discover what I believe. Coming to OCU has forced me to embrace my faith through Scripture.”  

Samuel has ambitious goals which he attributes to the generous support of the OCU community. The support of scholarships and the Impact Fund enable Samuel to attend the University and refine his faith. He is grateful. “Without sufficient means to reach their goals, students worry about financial needs to stay enrolled."

Sufficient financial support enables students to maximize their time in school and gain the most value from the experiences it provides. This support impacts them in direct ways: where they go, who they can meet, what they can learn.

Excited about the future of OCU and for a new school year full of new experiences, Samuel intends to use every opportunity to serve. “For me, the blessing is my higher education through OCU and the many opportunities to refine my faith and serve in the world.” 

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