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The BA in Worship Leadership prepares students for authentic, Gospel-centered, life-changing worship ministry. Students experience growing musical skills and technical expertise, as they develop a biblical, pastorally-shaped perspective of worship leadership with application in the context of ministry.


The program is designed to prepare graduates who can:
    Demonstrate excellent musicianship.
    Lead and mentor other musicians in ministry.
    Articulate biblically grounded convictions for worship ministry.
    Plan and lead gospel-centered, edifying worship.
This degree program is available in the following format:

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MAJOR47 Hours

Program meets the requirement of 24 credit hours of 3/4000-level courses for bachelor’s degrees.

Music Studies18
  • MUS Music theory electives8
  • MUS Music performance electives* (4 hours at 3/4000 level)9
  • MUS Worship Keyboard or Worship Guitar1
Biblical Studies6
  • BIB Biblical interpretation elective3
  • BIB Book study elective (3/4000 level)3
Worship Core17
  • Audio and video needs of small to large worship settings, including spirit-guided technology ministry, the nature of sound, industry-standard terms, signal flow, audio and video systems, theatrical and video lighting, and video editing software.
  • The ministry and calling of a worship leader, including current leadership and ministry practices, an introduction to worship planning, and a survey of biblical and historical foundations of worship. Overview of the OCU Worship Leadership program, including typical career opportunities.
    Corequisite: WOR1101
  • Participation in an approved setting with an experienced worship leader as part of a local church or youth group worship band, or an auditioned worship group.
    Prerequisite: WOR1100
  • Students gain basic experience in playing worship band instruments. Students who have skills in an instrument gain experience coaching less-experienced peers.
    Corequisite: WOR3471
  • Methods for planning worship. Topics include personal spiritual preparation, use of resources with emphasis on the use of Scripture, selection of worship materials, engagement with the Christian Year, discipleship, and pastoral care through worship.
    Corequisite: WOR3471
  • Assistant role in worship planning, band rehearsal and service leadership in an approved setting with an experienced worship leader, leading a local church or youth group worship band.
  • Participation in the leadership of a local church’s worship ministry.
    Prerequisite: Worship Leadership Professional Core
Worship Electives6
Choose two of these courses:
  • CHS Church history elective (History Elective)*3
  • A survey of music literature for worship: the history of worship song, expressions of worship from world cultures, and contemporary worship music.
  • A biblical understanding of worship with emphasis on how God has chosen to relate with people, especially those he has redeemed, and on implications for ministries in the local church.

*Marked courses (up to 9 hours) may be applied to GenEd requirements.

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