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    Computer hardware, software, and operating systems, including operating system configuration and maintenance, client systems, managing applications, networking concepts, and skills for a career in network support or administration. IST2001 Operating Systems Technician 3 Focuses on operating systems, including the installation, configuration, and maintenance of devices, PCs, and software for end users; understanding the basics of networking and security/forensics from the operating system view; properly and safely diagnose, resolve, and document common software issues; applying troubleshooting skills and providing appropriate customer support.
    Application of skills and knowledge required for a career in network support or administration.
    Prerequisite: IST2000 IST2011 Hardware Systems Technician 3 Supplying foundational knowledge to install, configure, and support hardware systems, including the assembling of components based on customer requirements; installing, configuring, and maintaining devices, PCs, and servers; Understanding the fundamentals of networking and security/forensics; student will be introduced to wireless networks, mobile devices, and custom builds for end use deployment. Prerequisite: IST2001
    The security threat environment for information systems with emphasis on the application of security tools to reduce threat exposure, prevention and detection technologies, planning, and development of policies that protect an organization from security risks.
    Prerequisite: IST2010 IST2101 Certified Security Principles 3 Understanding security across the entire environment of risk management, identity and access control, network and data security and how this applies in in new technologies such as loT and cloud services. Students will have access to the cyber range. Prerequisites: IST2051
    Fundamental concepts and technologies for business information systems, including data capture, processing, and communication, introduction to the integration of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access in business information systems, and basic data analytics.
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