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Sport Business Management18 Hours
  • Introduction to the sports industry, including foundations of sports management and an awareness of career opportunities in the sports industry, history of the profession, management and organizational skills, current trends, and future issues.
  • This course includes the process of planning for and organizing an event in sport. Organizing a plan for an event would include financial planning, risk management, scheduling, facility use, communication, promotions, and registration.
  • Promotion and marketing in the sport and fitness industry, including the area of professional sports, corporate fitness, college/high school athletics, clubs, and resorts.
    Prerequisite: SBM1020
  • Sport Business Management electives Choose from SBM2030, 2060, 2130, 3050, 3750, 4090, or 41009
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Please note:  Electives counted toward the General Education Core requirements may not also be counted toward a minor.