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Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant15 Hours
  • Concepts, practices, and applications of counseling theories, including constructs of how the counselor integrates theory with Christian and biblical views, and development of these counseling skills and practical approaches into a personalized counseling style for use in individual sessions.
    Prerequisite: PSY1020
  • Fundamental concepts related to substance use disorders in multiple client populations, including assessment and diagnosis of substance use disorders, planning a course of treatment, analyzing effects of substances on the client and others, etiology, and best practices in counseling and treatment through a Christian worldview.
  • Professionalism, ethics, and legal issues that present themselves in the context of counseling, with emphasis on substance abuse counseling. Students will examine and analyze professional issues in counseling from both a legal and an ethical perspective.
  • An overview of group theories and the techniques and theorists associated with each, examined in the context of a biblical worldview. Development of skills for facilitating group counseling
    Prerequisite: SAC1020
  • The counselor functions of screening, intake, orientation, assessment, and diagnosis, the processes of interviewing and assessment, and related ethical, legal, and professional issues. The course will examine and practice the use of tests, assessment instruments and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in the process of Diagnostic Evaluation and Personal Assessment of a client.
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