OCU Students Present at Conference

Two OCU students presented their original research at the 25th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at Butler University. The event was attended by hundreds of young researchers from dozens of Colleges and Universities from the Mid-West. The conference was an opportunity for students to share their research with researchers and peers from a wide variety of institutions. Researcher Lennon Mueller, a Senior at OCU found the experience rewarding. He stated “As an application of my education and training, I enjoyed presenting my work beside that of other universities and I was proud of how well OCU was represented.”  Sarah Rykwalder, also a Senior at OCU, stated “The experience I had at the Butler University Research Conference was beyond phenomenal. This conference not only boosted my self-confidence, but allowed me to truly embrace my future career field in ways that the classroom cannot allow.” The students conducted their research under the mentorship of OCU assistant professor of psychology Matt Decker.