Pickleball Court

Basketball Court

Sand Volleyball Court

Benches, Tables, and Seating

Archery Range

Ohio Christian University is blessed to have the opportunity to help our students see what living a Christ-centered life looks like. A big part of that process is being able to spend time with our students, here on campus. Time speaking into their lives. Time worshiping, studying, eating, and relaxing as a community.  I often wonder as I think about Jesus and His disciples, what did they do to relax? The book of John shows us these men as a community for three years. We know the work they were doing; we know the challenges they faced, but what did they do to just enjoy each other's company and refresh from what were many challenging days?

It is important to the lives of our students that we provide space and time for them to clear their minds, think and refresh. We need to encourage our students to spend time together, to grow as a community on campus. That is why we are embarking on an exciting journey here on campus to create new and improve upon several of our sports and recreational facilities.  We feel, and believe you will agree, that providing opportunities for our students to engage in activities on our beautiful campus, is the best way to help them build a network of Christian friends, helping each other to grow, holding each other accountable, and walking in Christian unity.

The Plan:   To create a student recreation area, by moving and improving, creating new, and expanding upon what we currently have. 

  • Move our sand volleyball court from the center of campus to an area behind the Maxwell Center, in the vicinity of the shelter house and trailhead.
  • Install a basketball court, with hillside seating, that can also be used as an outdoor teaching area, performance area, and a wonderful place to hold outdoor church services. 
  • Expand the 9-hole disc golf course to 18 holes and improve to collegiate standard. This will allow us to field a team, competing with other area colleges, in what is one of the fastest-growing sports in the US. 
  • Build an archery range. This will serve as an activity, a club sport, and ultimately a competitive, scholarship sport at the University. 

The Need:  To improve our campus facilities and create healthy, wholesome, and interesting ways for students to spend their free time while building the OCU community.

  • Providing for our students is the responsibility of the University. When they are on campus, we can better assure that their needs are being met and their experience is in line with our statement of faith.
  • A student is much more likely to stay involved with the University after graduation, supporting the Alumni association and the school, when they have a more immersive college experience.
  • Building a community builds accountability, builds relationships, builds affinity for their classmates and the University as a whole
  • Offering a more dynamic student experience improves recruiting of students, increases enrollment, and retention. This ultimately improves and assures the health of the University.