On July 6, 2021, Ohio Senate Bill 126 also known as Collin’s Law was signed into law and took effect on October 7, 2021. Collin's Law, Ohio's Anti Hazing Act, enacts a number of changes intended to end hazing and any cultural issues that allow hazing to persist.  In addition to increasing criminal penalties for hazing, Collin’s Law also requires each institution of higher education to post a report of all hazing violations on a publicly accessible website. Below you will find a list of all reported and adjudicated hazing incidents that occurred at the Ohio Christian University and/or involving a recognized student organization 2017.

Although Collin’s Law has been in effect for a relatively short time, Ohio Christian University has always discouraged, prohibited, and investigated reports of hazing.  The University strives to have policies and procedures that reflect Christ’s commandment to “love one another as you would love yourself” (Matthew 5:39) and “do to others what you would have them do to you” (Matthew 7:12). With our desire to create a Christ-oriented and Christ-honoring community, all matters of hazing will be thoroughly investigated and those who are found to have participated in such actions will be held accountable accordingly not only in legal and ethical standards, but Biblical, moral as well.

Reports of Hazing