Interdisciplinary Studies Program Requirements

The IDS major is a program of study composed of closely correlated coursework in two or more professional programs. Each semester, the student, with the aid of his or her advisor, will register for required courses and choose elective courses from OCU’s professional offerings. This program is also ideal for transfer students, since almost all hours can be transferred in as general or professional electives, which make up 58 of the 120 required hours in the IDS program.

The combined area of concentration must meet three criteria to be acceptable:

  1. The area of concentration must integrate at least two fields and disciplines available at Ohio Christian University (e.g., Youth Ministry and Church Planting).
  2. The area of concentration must not replicate any existing major. An Interdisciplinary Studies Major is appropriate only when existing academic programs cannot substantially accommodate the student’s calling and goals.
  3. The area of concentration must be feasible. Each student’s proposed program must be discussed with a program advisor and faculty consultants to ensure that the range and number of courses required will be available.

Traditional Undergraduate Capstone Course

Internships and Service Learning opportunities are critical components in every program at OCU. In the IDS program, most students will take a final capstone course, I-499 Portfolio/Service Learning Capstone Course (3 hrs.) This directed- study course, typically completed the last semester of study, will serve to guide the student through the process of developing a professional portfolio. Students may also complete an internship or field experience related to his or her areas of professional concentration. Occasionally, students enroll in a particular program related internship, which will substitute for the IDS capstone.