Which Course Should I Take?

As a high school student, we recommend you concentrate on general education courses that will transfer into any program track. The State of Ohio has ruled that College Credit Plus students must complete 15 credit hours in "Level I" coursework before progressing to Level II.  The Allowable Course tab lists classes typically offered to high school students for Level I. Not all courses listed are offered online or on campus, nor are all classes offered every semester. Additionally, students can take religion courses as a self-pay option.


Current Course Offerings

To view or print the current course listings, please select from the following:

On-Campus Course Offerings

(For a full listing of courses and descriptions, please reference the Ohio Christian University Academic Catalog.)


Upcoming Course Offerings

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Online Courses

To increase access and meet the needs of high school students, many courses are offered online. With online courses, students complete their weekly learning activities in an asynchronous way (not necessarily at the same time as others). These courses are designed with many community features to encourage a social learning environment for students. Features include a homepage with alerts and information, syllabus information and weekly assignments, due dates and learning progress for each course, student toolkit, help tab, etc.  The online format demonstrates a social learning model with a strong sense of community. Online courses are also compatible with smart phones and ipads for those students on the go!