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Beginning with the 2014-2015 academic school year, State Budget bill (H.B. 59) has amended the Ohio Revised Code section 3365 allowing home schooled students to participate in the Dual Credit/College Credit Plus program using state funding Option B.   Homeschool students will need to be accepted into the Trailblazer Academy Program before applying for this State funding. A step by step process has been provided by the State of Ohio and is below for your convenience.  Please note the upcoming deadlines.

Award letters indicating the number of credit hours approved for each student should be received before August.  Once students have their award letter, they will be able to enroll in nonsectarian courses (non-religion courses). A copy of this letter must be sent to the University upon receipt in order for the state to fund course(s).

To apply to Ohio Christian University’s Trailblazer Academy program:

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Submit your homeschool transcripts (please include cumulative GPA and contact information for the parent conducting the education. Templates are available below.)
  3. Submit ACT/SAT or COMPASS test results if available**

Since funding will be limited, students may enroll using both state funding Option B and self-pay Option A.  Significantly reduced tuition is available to our homeschool students at $160 per credit hour and no application fee. 

Payment for tuition and fees will be available to the student 2 weeks after the add/drop deadline each semester.  For payment options, please visit the Financial Aid website or call 740-420-5944.

As an additional resource, below are three transcript templates which can be downloaded. (Select a template and save to your computer.)

Template #1

Template #2

Template #3


**Ohio Christian University offers the COMPASS placement exam to Trailblazer Academy applicants.  This test is available on the university campus and at any ACT COMPASS testing locations.  The test is used to fulfill acceptance into the Trailblazer Academy Program in place of an ACT or SAT.