Katie Cline Crowned Miss Pumpkin Show

OCU post secondary student, Katie Cline, was crowned as the Bicentennial year Miss Pumpkin Show on Wednesday evening. Katie was chosen by her fellow classmates to represent her high school of Westfall, but we at OCU were proud to have her represent us as well.

When interviewed, Katie spoke of how she enjoyed driving through Circleville and stopping by Lindsay's Bakery on her way to her high school from OCU. She also spoke of her desire to become a pediatric nurse at Children's Hospital in Columbus. Through Post Secondary Enrollment at OCU, Katie is able to ease the transition from high school to college while earning dual credit so that her goal of pediatric nursing can be more easily attained. OCU is proud to be able to support her and our post secondary student in helping make their college aspirations attainable here within their own community. We are honored to be Circleville's university!

Congratulations Katie! And, thank you for so admirably representing OCU to our community.

Learn more about how OCU's Trailblazer Academy allows students like Katie to earn college credit during their high school years.