Ohio Christian Launches Government Relations Major

Dr. David Garrison with Congressman Mike Conaway

Photo (above): Dr. David Garrison with Congressman Mike Conaway

OCU’s new direction for Business and Government Relations programs will prepare OCU students for careers in government or politics and ensure that business students will have a greater appreciation for how government impacts the American economy.

As a result of a new direction and the creation of a new Government Relations major, Ohio Christian University has renamed its Business Department to Department of Business and Government. The Government Relations major was created to serve the nationwide interest in a faith-based government and political science education.

These changes were driven by the belief that a majority of university business students around the nation do not know enough about government relations, and government relations students do not know enough about business. Consequently, business students will be required to takes courses in government and political science, and government relations students will be required to take business courses.

Dr. Dave GarrisonDr. Dave Garrison, who is currently running for U.S. Congress from Texas and is the former OCU Business Department Chair, was instrumental in designing the new Government Relations program. Dr. Garrison consulted numerous universities, public policy experts, and government leaders to determine the most appropriate course of study and program features.

Dr. Sacha WalicordDr. Sacha Walicord, the new department chair, very much welcomes the new major saying, “It is my firm conviction that Christians have retreated for far too long from the political arena. If we really do believe that God has created all things, it must be our inevitable conclusion that God has a plan for all things. We have to teach that plan for all areas of life to our students – government affairs included.”


Students will be offered trips to Washington, D.C., to visit with congressmen, senators, and various public policy organizations. They will have opportunities to study abroad and see the government operations of other nations firsthand.

Government relations students will be required to have an internship with government or political think tank (e.g., Heritage Foundation or Cato Institute). By marrying the two programs, Business and Government Relations, students should have a greater appreciation for the dynamics that have made the United States a world leader.

The Government Relations concentration will be available as part of OCU's traditional undergraduate program. Learn more by calling 1-877-862-8669 (1-877-7OCU-NOW) or sending email to enroll@ohiochristian.edu.