Enthusiasm for the Classroom

Do you wonder what’s happening in the OCU Teacher Education department? Catch a glimpse from current student, Annie Bonk, pursuing licensure through our Bachelor of Arts Teacher Education for Early Childhood program.

In her recently submitted paper, "A Tour of the Common Core," Annie enthusiastically quotes Valerie L. Wilson, Ph.D., OCU's Teacher Education Department Chair, "’Ohio Christian University has had a constructivist view on our teacher education program even before our accreditation. We believe in hands-on approaches to learning.’"

She goes on to give an example, "In the Math Theory class at Ohio Christian University, taught by Professor Diltz, the students are actively learning hands-on methods to teach the new standards. She has provided the students with materials to remind them of key math concepts and additionally teaches them how to write lesson plans based upon the standards. This class and many more at Ohio Christian University are preparing effective teachers for their future. If every University prepares their teacher education students like Ohio Christian University, we will have effective schools in every district."

Annie's bubbly enthusiasm for OCU and its Teacher Education program is contagious!