Kudos to Courtney Teague: Student Mentoring Makes the Grade

Kudos to Courtney Teague

A pre-Teacher Education student was recently in my office to express enthusiastic gratitude for the valuable mentoring received from Courtney Teague, a sophomore in the OCU Middle Childhood Teacher Education program (with concentrations in Math and Science.)

Because of Courtney’s kindness, encouragement, mentoring, and teaching, the student who was struggling in a general education course, was able to pass the final exam three grade levels higher than on the previous two exams. Without Courtney’s pro-active invitation to study together, the student’s GPA would have been much lower than the final outcome. 

Thank you so very much, Courtney! You have brought honor to a fellow-student, yourself, God, OCU and the Teacher Education Department by your actions.

Kudos to Courtney!

By Rachel Sones
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Wilson, Teacher Education Department Chair