Recent Alumni Share Best Aspect of OCU

We asked recent alumni to tell us what they thought was the best aspect of Ohio Christian University. Here are some of their responses:

From the Traditional Undergraduate Program:

  • I loved the professors and how much they cared about your spiritual growth as well as your personal journey. - BA Psychology 2011
  • It prepared me well for graduate studies and boosted my confidence in myself and my professional abilities and contributions. - BA Interdisciplinary Studies 2011
  • OCU helped me stregthen my character by providing me with excellent academia through the prism of a Christian worldview. This enabled me to focus my passion in why I do what I do. - BA Business Management & Administration 2012
  • I enjoyed student life and community on campus. Developing friendships and creating memories are what make your time on campus special. - BA Youth Ministry 2009
  • The strength of OCU is its people. The diversity of student and faculty backgrounds leads to a wonderful experience. Respect and a common faith create a wonderful and transformative atmosphere that secular colleges cannot replicate. With its increasing pursuit of excellence in so many areas, it is arguably the best around. - BA Interdisciplinary Studies 2011
  • What I liked most about OCU was that it had a community-focus, not just in the university, but also in Circleville with Community Action Day and various other outreach activities. - BA Psychology & Chemical Dependency Counseling 2011
  • The close-knit atmosphere. I knew that no matter what I could count on my professors to be an emotional, social, and spiritual help for me. I could go to my professors and classmates and talk about real things. You are not just a number or a paycheck to them. They genuinely care about your future and your wellbeing. - BA Teacher Education 2012
  • OCU taught me to share my faith effectively by enabling me to use my acquired business knowledge and management skills as a light in a lost world. - BA Business Management & Administration 2012

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From the College of Adult and Graduate Studies:

  • The small class size because this allows personal attention from the professor. - AA Business 2012
  • The Christian foundation and real life experiences everyone brought to the table. - BA Business 2012
  • I did like the online environment as it gave me flexibility with my family life. The schedule format and the progression of the classes were excellent. This was a tremendous challenge for me at 52 years old going to college and this has given me a tremendous amount of self-confidence. Great school. Awesome experience. - AA Christian Ministry 2011
  • Their acceptance of credits from my previous college. - BA Interdisciplinary Studies 2012
  • I loved the cohort approach. Having a group of people together for two years helped us grow as a group and we were able to help each other throughout the program. - BA Leadership & Ministry 2010
  • The courses of study were extremely beneficial. And the faculty/student relationships were great. - BA Psychology 2012
  • I thought the quality of teaching from the professors was good. John Johnson and John Sexton were the best in the Substance Abuse classes... In my Transformed Worldview class, my professor encouraged out of the box thinking. I appreciated that he recognized differences amongst the students. We were permitted to ask and challenge various thought which made it interesting. - BA Substance Abuse Counseling 2012 
  • I enjoyed the friendships, the freedom to talk deeper about Christianity, the ability to talk freely about subjects secular societies frown upon and to grow deeper as a Christian. - MA Ministry 2012

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If you want to interact with faculty, learn your discipline, and grow in your faith, consider OCU!