Record Attendance for First Registration Day

On Friday, May 30th, Ohio Christian University's Traditional Program saw record attendance for the first Registration Day of the summer. In total, 126 guests were welcomed to campus while 56 new students registered for classes with their Faculty Advisor and prepared to begin classes in the Fall as part of OCU's Class of 2018.

It's good to sit down with the teachers one on one," said Malik Hargrow, an incoming Criminal Justice and Sports Management Student from Etna, Ohio. "They tell you about what college is going to be like, what classes you are going to take, and how it's going to happen. It was a very good way to start out going to college."

The students also took their OCU Student ID pictures, met the Student Development Team and finalized Financial Aid. Before going home, they enjoyed a catered lunch in the Dean & Diana Hickman Student Center while getting to know some of their future classmates and friends.

"I've had a lot of fun," said Natalie Clements, an incoming Worship Leadership Student from Columbus, Ohio. "It's something that could be stressful, but they do a great job of making it easy and fun."

Check out #OCU2018 for pictures and posts from the day.

In order to attend a Registration Day and enroll in classes, students must be accepted and have submitted their Enrollment/Tuition Deposit. For more information on acceptance, see our Admission Requirements. Students can sign up for a Registration Day by clicking the event below or by visiting our Registration & Orientation page.


Transfer Students should sign up for an Individual Advising and Registration Appointment. These are available Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Individual Appointments can be scheduled by filling out the form on the Registration & Orientation page or by contacting Admissions at 1-877-762-8669 or