Residential Undergraduate Official Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal from College Students who withdraw from college must obtain a Withdrawal Request form from the Registrar’s Office. Failure to complete and return the Withdrawal Request form to the Registrar’s Office may result in both an academic and financial penalty.

College of Adult and Graduate Studies Official Withdrawal Policy

Students who need to withdraw from a course or program should always make an official contact via email with their assigned Academic Advisor. A withdrawal from a course or program often requires adjustments to financial aid, per U.S. Department of Education and/or State of Ohio regulations. The Financial Aid office makes that determination and any necessary adjustments upon receiving documentation of the course or program withdrawal. The student is responsible for any outstanding balance incurred as a result of this process. After dropping a single course, a student should inform their academic advisor or the financial aid office of their intent to continue with the rest of the program. Withdrawals affect the student’s completion rate. The University will retain a fee of $100 for processing the withdrawal.