Follow Christ, Lead the Way
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100% Online courses in a 5-week as-you-go flexible format for busy adults featuring forum discussions and weekly assignment deadlines.


  • A general survey of the New Testament with emphasis on the historical background of the New Testament, the beginning of Christianity, and the development of the apostolic church.
  • A study of the Gospels focusing upon the life, ministry, leadership, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, with a view toward applying His life-changing principles to one’s everyday life.
  • The letters of the New Testament ascribed to the apostle Paul with attention to how Paul’s conversion experience impacted his ministry and writings, the historical and cultural settings of the epistles, and a survey of the major theological themes found within the epistles.
  • The history of the first-century church, including doctrinal development, growth in understanding, and geographical expansion through evangelism and the missionary activities of its members, with emphasis on the activities of major first-century leaders, including Peter, James, and Paul.

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