Follow Christ, Lead the Way

The BA in Student Ministry prepares students for student ministry positions in local churches and parachurch organizations. Graduates possess expertise in adolescent spiritual development and the ability to exegete the zeitgeist in application to the students and the local church. It prepares high capacity student pastors equipped to lead the latest generation of the church with excellence.


On completion, students should be able to:
  • Describe their Christian calling and philosophy of ministry.
  • Demonstrate skills for leading an effective student ministry including volunteer management, organization, and staff development in churches and associated venues.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of student ministry praxis associated with adolescent spiritual development as it interfaces with contemporary societal influences and issues.
  • Articulate a Christ-centered Wesleyan theological framework while communicating the Bible’s storyline, main characters, genres of literature, and moral teachings in a student ministry context.
  • Exhibit Christ-like character in religious and secular contexts.
This degree program is available in the following format:

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  • The background, events, people, and theology of the Old Testament with reflection on connections to the New Testament and application to Christian faith and life.
  • A general survey of the New Testament with emphasis on the historical background of the New Testament, the beginning of Christianity, and the development of the apostolic church.
  • A study of the Gospels focusing upon the life, ministry, leadership, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, with a view toward applying His life-changing principles to one’s everyday life.
  • Equips the student for accurate, relevant exegesis on the Old Testament using study tools that assist interpretation of the original text.
    Prerequisites: BIB1200, BIB2000, REL2000 Course Fee*
  • Equips the student for accurate, relevant exegesis on the New Testament using study tools that assist interpretation of the original text.
    Prerequisites: BIB2000 Course Fee*
  • Introduction to the first five books of the Bible through a survey of their contents, with attention to social and historical contexts, distinctive literary forms and features, major themes and theological assertions, and the enduring message and relevance of the Pentateuch.
  • Principles of biblical interpretation with a historical survey of Jewish and Christian exegetical systems, examination of the presuppositions and practice of the Grammatical-Historical-Theological Hermeneutic, and application to selected biblical texts.
    Prerequisites: BIB1200, BIB2000, REL2000 Course Fee*
  • Introduction to worldview and a survey of the plurality of worldviews in western culture. Special attention to the Christian worldview and how competing worldviews challenge and reinforce it. Basic instruction in creedal Christianity assists students in understanding and embracing the uniqueness of Christianity, enabling more effective communication of the Christian faith.
  • The historical development of the doctrine of holiness (often referred to as Christian Perfection or Sanctification) throughout the history of the Christian Church, with special attention to the 18th through the 20th centuries, and the influence of this doctrine on the church in modern culture.
  • The contemporary theological situation and the significance and importance of Wesleyan theology, with emphasis on the doctrines of theism, creation, sin, and divine revelation.
    Prerequisites: REL2000, BIB1200, BIB2000, Junior standing
  • The deity of Christ and the personality and work of the Holy Spirit, and the doctrines conversion, entire sanctification, and eschatology.
    Prerequisites: REL2000, BIB1200, BIB2000, Jr. standing
  • The doctrine of entire sanctification in Scripture, examined within the Wesleyan tradition and other theological schools of thought.
    Prerequisites: Graduating senior standing; REL2000, THE4010, or THW4020


  • The history of Christianity from its beginnings to the Great Schism of 1054 with attention to the origins, expansions, key figures, theological development, and growth of Christianity, and the relationship of church and state.
  • The history of Christianity from the Great Schism of 1054 to the present, including the major personalities, events, and results of the Protestant Reformation, the rise of modern denominationalism, and current developments, with special attention to the development of American Christianity.
  • Introduction to ministering to adolescents, including adolescent development, personal calling, programming, discipleship strategies, volunteer retainment, and personal philosophy.
  • The study and implementation of effective communication habits and strategies to students, parents, church staff, and leaders. Topics include navigating difficult subjects and conversations with students, leading a parent meeting, and developing a sermon series.
  • Cultural trends in adolescent and family lifestyles, values and issues, and their relationship to ministry. Developmental issues involving families with adolescents. Designing and implementing family-based youth ministry programs.
  • Ethical codes that inform the critical thinking of care givers called to ministry in traditional settings. The parameters that will be discussed using case studies are designed to challenge ministers to a higher level of both thinking and acting as representatives of Jesus Christ. Such practices protect both the pastor and those to whom he or she ministers.
  • Past and present models of ministry and a personal formulation of one's philosophy of ministry.
    Prerequisite: MIN1020 or MIN1025
  • This course introduces the principles and skills necessary to effectively communicate Scripture through teaching and preaching delivery. Practical application assignments will be made, and reports/presentations will be given.
  • Practical experience in event, camp, mission trip, and conference leadership. Focusing on strategy, philosophy, and execution, students will seek to understand what role these major turning points play in a student's adolescent spiritual development.
  • Preparation for the culminating field experience. To be completed the semester prior to CM495 Christian Ministry Field Experience or CE495 Youth Ministry Field Experience.
    Prerequisite: Junior standing
  • This course is designed to build upon prior learning and experience with preaching and teaching. The focus of this course will be on the construction and delivery of narrative and expositional preaching and teaching of the Gospel.
  • Methods for leveraging adolescent development for effective Student Ministry discipleship practices by conceptualizing student growth and implementing effective strategies in the local church with intentionality and a comprehensive understanding of adolescent development. The course emphasizes connecting orthodoxy to orthopraxy as the mark of an effective student pastor and prioritizes students' faith development.
    Prerequisite: MIN1025
  • Programs, materials, and methods currently used in youth ministry. Topics include worship, ministry opportunities, discipleship, biblical education, and fellowship.
    Prerequisite: MIN2015 and MIN3055
  • This culminating field experience provides youth ministry students at least 14 weeks of practical experience in a local church or parachurch organization with a gradual assumption of responsibility across the semester. Students may take no other courses during this experience except Theology Capstone.
  • The interacting marketing activities of analysis, planning, implementation, and control with a focus on competitive and customer analysis, marketing strategy development, and implementations for decision-making in domestic and global organizations. The course incorporates current developments in marketing, including the social, legal, ethical, and technological environments of marketing. Students apply these skills and concepts in a real marketing situation to make recommendations for marketing strategy and tactics.
  • Developmental theory regarding physical changes, cognitive development, identity, and gender and sexual concepts and cultural influence and moral development.
  • Basic family organization from courtship through the adjustments of the family in the modern home, within a Christian perspective, including development of human sexuality.
    Prerequisites: SOC1020, PSY1020

*These courses (21 hours) may be applied to GenEd requirements as noted.