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    Biblical interpretation elective3
    Biblical theology elective3
    Biblical studies electives courses from the BA in Biblical Studies.9
Choose of of the following:
    Book/corpus study elective3
    A continuation of GRK2100, introducing components of Greek exegesis such as redaction criticism, synoptic criticism, textual criticism, and literary criticism.
    Prerequisite: GRK2100. Fee Required: One-time fee assessed the first time a student enrolls in one of the designated courses. Provides lifetime access to biblical studies software required for course activities.
This degree program is available in the following formats:

Explore the full enrichment of the traditional collegiate experience and make new friends on our lively campus in Circleville Ohio. Serves 17-24 year-old undergraduate students.

100% Online courses in a 5-week as-you-go flexible format for busy adults featuring forum discussions and weekly assignment deadlines. Serves both undergraduate and graduate students.

100% Online 8-week courses similar to campus classes with scheduled lectures, discussions and optional live-experiences. Serves 17-24 year-old undergraduate students.

Please note:  Electives counted toward the General Education Core requirements may not also be counted toward a minor.

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