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The concentration in Digital Marketing is designed to provide greater study for marketing managers or those who want to enhance their career path with training in the world of marketing.


On completion of this concentration, students should be able to lead and manage organizations’ strategic marketing development in the digital economy.

  • Analyzing marketing mix variables for problem solving in both domestic and international markets, consumer behavior, digital marketing strategies, improving product management, maximizing channels, and customer-driven marketing strategies. MKT 6100 Management in Social Media and Ecommerce 3 Managing digital marketing, content marketing, and customer relations to build ecommerce platforms to cultivate lead and sales from social media relationships.
  • An overview of digital marketing concepts and strategies, including e-commerce and social targeting. Successful completion of the Accelerated Retention Institute’s Social Media and Ecommerce Manager course, plus an additional graduate level project, can be substituted for MKT6200 Digital Marketing. Student cannot receive credit for both MKT6100 and MKT2080.
    Prerequisite: MKT5010
  • The role of psychology in marketing with a focus on generational contrasts.
    Prerequisite: MKT5010
  • Analyzing market research in the development of products and brand strategies in the e-commerce environment.
    Prerequisites: MKT6200, MKT6210 Applied music courses are listed at the end of the MUS section.
This degree program is available in the following format:

100% Online courses in a 5-week as-you-go flexible format for busy adults featuring forum discussions and weekly assignment deadlines. Serves both undergraduate and graduate students.