Course Options for Circleville Campus Students

Use these resources to ...

  • Solve scheduling conflicts
  • Add depth and variety to your degree program

Online, Trailblazer, or OnlinePlus 

  • Trailblazer courses are online only, and follow the Circleville Campus academic schedule closely.
  • OnlinePlus courses are in an 8-week format, coinciding with the first or second half of the Circleville Campus semester.
  • Online Campus courses are in a 5-week format. 
    • The starting date must fall within the dates of the Circleville Campus semester in which it will be billed to the student. It cannot extend more than two weeks past the end of the semester.
    • An Online Campus class that begins after the spring semester ends or before the fall semester begins is charged as a summer term course.

Circleville Campus students requesting one of these course options may submit this form to the University Registrar's Office.

TEL Library Partnership

The TEL Library offers a selection of online 8-week courses. To explore TEL Library course options, please consult your academic advisor.


Acadeum is a course-sharing consortium that allows OCU students to take online courses from participating universities. To explore Acadeum options, please consult your academic advisor.

Directed Study

  • A directed study course is delivered by individual instruction, rather than in the classroom. 
  • To request a directed study course, download this form.
  • The cost for directed study is $150 per credit hour.

Independent Study

  • Independent study courses are for students desiring study in a subject relevant to their degree program, but not listed in the college catalog.  
  • To request an independent study course, download this form.
  • The cost for independent study is $150 per credit hour.

Off-campus Study Experience