How to Order Your Transcript

OCU offers transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse, a secure online service. Click here to securely order your official transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse.

You can learn more about the Clearinghouse here.

We also offer transcripts through Parchment, a secure online service. Click our Parchment Storefront link to order your official transcript through Parchment.

You can learn more about Parchment here.

If you need help or have questions, you can click here to find how to contact the University Registrar's Office, or send us an email.

What is an academic transcript?

Your academic transcript is a formal, secure record of your academic work. Your OCU transcript includes:

  • A listing of all courses transferred toward your OCU programs. These courses verify that you have completed OCUs academic requirements, but do not contribute toward the grade point calculation or academic honors.
  • A list of courses you have completed, listed by semester, including course number and name, the grade earned in the courses, grade points for each course. Each semester listing concludes with the calculation of your cumulative and semester grade point averages for that semester
  • Each program you have completed, with components of those programs, along with the date on which that degree or program was awarded.
  • Academic Honors
  • Academic probation or suspension
  • The Transcript Key. The back of the transcript includes information a receiving institution needs to evaluate the transcript, including accreditation, semester length, grading system, and the course numbering system.

Transcripts are confidential. OCU issues transcripts only at the request of the student.

Transcript requests may be fulfilled only when a student's financial account is current. If you have a financial hold, please contact Financial Aid to resolve your hold so that your transcript may be released.

If you have a hold but need to send an official transcript to a prospective employer as a condition of employment, please submit your request along with a letter from your prospective employer on their letterhead stating that the transcript is required for employment. If you are in the military and the transcript is required for advancement, the request must state this and be accompanied by a letter on military branch letterhead. The transcript will be released directly to your prospective employer or military branch. The transcript will not be released directly to you.

The request must be submitted by mail or email to:


University Registrar’s Office

1476 Lancaster Pike

Circleville, OH 43113