Here at OCU, you have access to four primary accounts. Each one provides you with the tools you need to succeed as a student. This article will give you a basic understanding of these four main OCU accounts. You can access each site by clicking its respective icon on this page.



Username and password MyOCU is the central hub for all of your OCU accounts. It is a great page to bookmark so that you can easily and quickly access all of the other sites you need. In myOCU, you can:

Access all of your other OCU sites (quick links in the top right-hand corner)

View pages, forms, contact info, and other various information for each of our departments (left-hand sidebar after you log in)


Office 365

Email address and password (if you have not already logged in) Office 365 gives you access to a variety of tools. In this account, you can:

Office 365 Logo


Email address and password (if you have not already logged in) Your Brightspace account is where you can access your courses.

  • View syllabi and student guides
  • Submit papers and assignments
  • Participate in discussion forums
  • View assignment-specific grades
  • Take tests
  • Contact your professor

Note: New courses are added on the day they begin, at the very latest. If you're still not seeing your next class in Brightspace on the day it starts, reach out to Blazertech for help.



Username and password (for accessing Sonis as a former student, click here)

Sonis is our student information portal. Below is a brief overview of each function in Sonis.

  • General
    • Home: View and complete course evaluations.
    • Bio: View the contact information on file for you and your final grades
    • 1098-T: Access and download your 1098-T form
    • Update Bio: Update your street address and phone numbers
      • Will also update address information for Tree of Life book delivery
    • Financial
      • Billing: View your billing information and make a payment
    • Academics
      • Attendance: View your course attendance records
      • Degree Audit: View your degree audit to see your progress towards graduation and what you still need to complete.
      • Schedule: View your course schedule
    • Forms: View your Intent to Graduate form and FERPA Consent form
    • Books & Address: Confirm your shipping and billing address for books


Note: Office 365 and Brightspace use the same login service. If you log into one of them, you are automatically logged into the other. For example, if you log into Office 365 and click on the link to Brightspace, you will automatically be taken there without having to log in. If you have any questions about your accounts or how to access something, please don’t hesitate to contact Blazertech.

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