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Are you looking for a music or worship leadership program that will inspire, nurture, and challenge you? If so, Ohio Christian's music and worship leadership programs are just what you are seeking.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music program will help you deepen your understanding of music while developing your musical performance skills. Our Worship Leadership program provides flexible options for students seeking to lead authentic, Christ-centered, and transformational worship.

Students in our performance ensembles have interned, performed, and/or ministered in Carnegie Hall, The Brooklyn Tabernacle, Atlanta, Nashville, and Karuizawa, and Matsomoto, Japan.

Music Department professors are well-qualified and experienced, yet caring and compassionate.

Worship Leadership Programs

Churches are looking for well-prepared musicians to lead their worship. More and more churches recognize that worship leaders are pastors too, helping care for the spiritual needs of the church. OCU's worship leadership program is multi-disciplinary, preparing students to be pastor-musicians, who also have the performing and coaching skills of a confident leader for other musicians.

Because so many professional musicians and worship leaders are dual-employed, we offer unique dual-major programs helping students prepare the second income stream musicians often desire. Our growing list of second-emphasis options includes business, psychology, ministry and piano studio teaching. Students who want to pursue full-time employment in worship leadership can choose a music-and-worship only option. 

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Music Opportunities for High School Students

High School students who are interested in pursuing collegiate-level music study and who live close enough to the University to commute to and from the university during the school year may enroll in entry-level music classes, participate in selected instrumental ensembles (by audition only) and take private instruction on their primary instrument. Students who have successfully auditioned for one of the music programs at Ohio Christian University by the end of the fall semester prior to their high school graduation may begin their music program of study a semester early.

Degree Programs