As a new transfer student make sure you have done the following to begin the enrollment process:

  • Submit your application
  • Request your college transcript from the Registrar at your institution
  • Submit your ACT, SAT, or CLT (if you have taken less than 12 college credit semester hours scores)
  • See if you are eligible for the Ohio Second Chance Grant
  • Checkout to see which of your courses are equivalent to OCU

Scholarships Rewarding Your Hard Work

Ohio Christian University would like to commend and reward you for your hard work. Our scholarships are awarded upon acceptance and renewed each year as long as you maintain the required GPA and full-time enrollment.

For more scholarship opportunities, please visit our Scholarships page.

Admissions Counselor for Transfer Students

As your transfer counselor, I'm here to support and encourage you through every part of the admissions process, from visiting campus, to looking at transfer credits, to finding scholarships. As an OCU graduate, I have gone through this process myself and had to work through the same questions, so I'd love to help. Feel free to contact me any time about transferring to Ohio Christian University.

David Holt

Admissions Counselor for Transfer and International Students


Office: (740) 420-5909

Text: (740) 224-4846

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