Everett A. Keaton (1948-1952)

  • First president of Ohio Christian University (first known as Mount of Praise Bible School)
  • Two-Year Bible Training Course established in 1949
  • Improvements and upgrades to the Mount of Praise Camp Meeting grounds in order to facilitate needs of the college
  • Ministerial and denominational financial support of the college created
  • First Student Council created

Guy C. Johnson (1952-1953)

  • Only interim president in the history of Ohio Christian University

Richard G. Humble (1953-1956)

  • First Administration building constructed and completed (1953-54)
  • Name of school changed from Mount of Praise Bible School to Circleville Bible College (spring 1954)
  • First college chapel built (1955)
  • First President's home purchased (Christmas 1955)
  • Student enrollment tops 50 for first time (January 1956)

Glen Johnson (1956-1959)

  • Student enrollment tops 70 for first time (September 1957)
  • First College Board of Trustees organized in 1958
  • New library-science building constructed in 1958 financed primarily through donation campaign among Church of Christ in Christian Union youth

Morton W. Dorsey (1959-1964)

  • Ohio Christian University received its first State Charter from Ohio Board of education (1961)
  • College station wagon purchased through Top Value Stamps campaign among the student body (Fall 1961)
  • First Youth Conference Weekend began in Spring 1961

Melvin Maxwell (1964-1980)

  • Administration/academic building constructed and occupied in August 1966 at new 40-acre campus site on Route 22 east of Circleville
  • Student enrollment tops 150 (Fall 1967)
  • York Hall, Campus Church, Academic Building, Moore Hall, and Campus Center constructed and occupied (1967-1970)
  • Student enrollment tops 200 (Fall 1968)
  • In 1970, the university received applicant status from American Association of Bible Colleges.
  • Full accreditation as a Bible College attained in Fall 1976.

Douglas Carter (1980-1989)

  • Increased the profile of OCU nationally with his involvement in World Gospel Mission
  • OCU accepted as a participant in the Ohio Instructional Grant program
  • OCU budget tithe implemented in each CCCU local church
  • Endowment Fund created; $450,000 balance in 1989
  • Intercollegiate sports in the National Christian College Athletic Association for men and women were established (basketball for both men and women; volleyball for women and baseball for men)
  • Associate of Arts degree in Religion approved by the Ohio Board of Regents

David Van Hoose (1989-1994)

  • In 1989, 5-Year Strategic Plan developed as required by AABC. This plan served as a model for other colleges in AABC as well as for OCU
  • Counseling program major created; Teacher Education Education program affiliation with Mount Vernon Nazarene College and Ashland University established
  • Adult Completion Program (predecessor to today's popular AIM Program) was instituted
  • Office of Institutional Development created
  • Major fire in December 1990 destroyed much of the girl's dormitory, Moore Hall. Restoration completed in the summer of 1991
  • Johnson Hall and Campus Church made handicap accessible in 1993

John Conley (1995-2005)

  • Steered OCU through the process of accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. Received full accreditation in 2005.
  • Annual operating budget of OCU increased from $1.4 million in 1995 to $3.8 million in 2003
  • Student enrollment increased from 170 in 1995 to 413 in 2005; OCU received Christianity Today and the Association for Biblical Higher Education's growth award in 2001 and again in 2005
  • OCU graduates largest class ever in 2005 with 96 students
  • The Adult Education Program (AIM) was launched in 1998 and later expanded to the campuses of Hocking College and Columbus State Community College
  • 14,000 square foot addition made to the Melvin and Laura Maxwell Library
  • Non-traditional Adult Degree Completion Program (AIM) Classes first offered in January 1999 on the Circleville campus.
  • Three family unit townhouse and World Gospel Mission Student Involvement Center erected in 1999
  • Clock tower named in honor of longtime faculty member, Dr. David Case, placed in center of the campus area
  • Addition of a rear entrance to Johnson Hall and the refurbishing of the exterior of the Graham Administration Building completed in 2003-04
  • Construction of a 6400 square foot addition to Johnson Hall that houses the Music Department, Student Services, Student Lounge and President's Dining Room; The OCU Board of Trustees named the addition the Conley Ministry Center in his honor.

Mark Smith (2006-2016)

  • Changed name from Circleville Bible College to Ohio Christian University (2006)
  • Opened 14 University educational sites in rural/underserved areas of Ohio for student learning and a site in Atlanta, Georgia. 
  • Began offering online courses in 2007.
  • Increased University enrollment from 380 to 4800.
  • Established University’s nationally recognized, fully-accredited, multiple-program online education division.
  • Established 12 distinct University graduate programs. 
  • Grew University student body geographic representation from 7 states to all 50 states and 11 countries.
  • Grew University degreed graduates from 1,371 graduates to 5,690. 
  • Led construction of 8 new building initiatives on University’s main campus. 
  • Grew University athletics from 5 programs to 15 programs.

Jon Kulaga (2018-2022)

  • Decreased institutional debt
  • Increased student retention to its highest levels in the school’s history
  • Raised the percentage of campus faculty terminal degrees to 92%
  • Increased the racial and ethnic diversity of the faculty and administration
  • Initiated the Foundry Institute which focuses on building church leaders