Follow Christ, Lead the Way
Available Recordings

Chapel 03.04.20
Pastor Anastasia Beavers | Pastor of University Church

Chapel 02.26.20
Student Testimony

Chapel 02.24.20
Kevin Bennie | Director of Spiritual Formation

Chapel 02.21.20 - Preview Day
Dr. Sylvia McDonald | Professor of Psychology, General Studies

Chapel 02.19.20
Chris Thompson | Founder of Basic Skills

Chapel 02.12.20
Taylor Prusinski | Executive Director of Development at Compassion Outreach Ministries of Columbus

Chapel 02.10.20

Chapel 02.05.20
Ben Stewart | Executive Director of Unchartered International

Chapel 02.03.20
Staff / Faculty Testimonies

Chapel 01.29.20
Tony Thompson | Author, Motivational Speaker, and Youth Pastor at Hope Church, St. Louis, MO

Chapel 01.27.20
Steven Brynildsen | Author and Founder of Power Over Porn

Chapel 01.22.20
Kevin Bennie | Director of Spiritual Formation

Chapel 01.15.20 - Revival Day 3
Lead Pastoral Team at X Church

Chapel 01.14.20 - Revival Day 2
Lead Pastoral Team at X Church

Chapel 01.13.20 - Revival Day 1
Lead Pastoral Team at X Church

Chapel 01.08.20
Dr. Jon S. Kulaga | President

Chapel 12.02.19
Dr. Jon S. Kulaga | President

Chapel 11.20.19
Faculty & Staff | Ohio Christian University

Chapel 11.18.19
Greg Jao | Intervarsity

Chapel 11.13.19
Dr. Larry Olson | Psychology Dept. Chair

Chapel 11.11.19
Anastasia Beavers | University Church

Chapel 11.08.19
Kevin Bennie | Director of Spiritual Formation

Chapel 11.06.19
Bacho Bordjadze | CRU Missional Team Leader (OSU)

Chapel 10.30.19
Ricky Sanchez | Southeast Asia Regional Mobilizer of Multiply

Chapel 10.21.19
Student Speaker

Chapel 10.16.19
Kevin Bennie | Director of Spiritual Formation

Chapel 10.11.19
Stephen Moore | Carrollton Band

Chapel 10.02.19
Mike Erre

Chapel 09.30.19
Mike Erre

Chapel 09.27.19
Jessica Castles

Chapel 09.25.19
Gerald Mershimer

Chapel 09.16.19
Mark Lee | Musician (Former Guitarist for Third Day)

Chapel 09.11.19
Staff Sgt David Karnes | 9/11 First Responder

Chapel 08.21.19
Dr. Jon S. Kulaga | President

04.17.19 - Chapel Service
OCU Student Government Association

04.17.19 - Chapel Service
OCU Student Government Association

04.15.19 - Chapel Service
Donna Rice Hughes

04.15.19 - Chapel Service
Donna Rice Hughes

04.12.19 - Chapel Service
Rev. Michael Blevins

04.12.19 - Chapel Service
Rev. Michael Blevins

04.10.19 - Chapel Service
Jerry Dendinger

03.27.19 - Chapel Service
Allen Southerland

03.25.19 - Chapel Service
Mary Albert Darling

03.06.19 - Chapel Service
Rev. Mike Holbrook

02.25.19 - Chapel Service
Clementine Bihiga

02.15.19 - Chapel
Kevin Bennie

02.13.19 - Chapel Service
Rev. David Brown

02.06.19 - Chapel Service
Student Testimonials

02.04.19 - Chapel Service
John Rinehimer

01.28.19 - Chapel Service
Obadiah Harris

From Kevin Bennie, Director of Spiritual Formation

Your spiritual life is a priority at Ohio Christian University. We believe that private and public worship are necessary for full spiritual development and are a vital element in your Christian university education.

Our goal in the Spiritual Formation department is to set students up for a lifetime of faithfully serving and abiding with Jesus Christ through revealing the nature of God and the truth of scripture, creating opportunities to encounter Christ, and practicing spiritual disciplines that open them to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. We want each student to take the next step towards Christ, whatever that may look like in their life. And then, with God’s help, to take the next step. And the next. 

University chapel is one way students can take that next step in deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is the time for the entire college community to meet together in a structured time of worship. This time is the integration point of spiritual, academic, and community life. Chapel is where we intentionally pursue and offer ourselves to Christ through passionate worship and biblically rooted teaching. 

The university chapel environment may seem like church but our goals are a bit different. Our mission is to “prepare students to serve effectively in the church and society.” We want chapel to be a place that students encounter God in a transformational way that gives them broader understanding of who God is, how their faith touches every part of life, and their calling to build the Kingdom of God in unique, creative, and world-shaping ways. We want speakers to share the truth of the Word of God by modeling how they do this in their own life, work, and ministry. We want our teaching to push students to think about God’s work in our world and how they can be a part of it. 

We believe that passionate worship is about more than corporate singing and loud music. Worship is intentional reflection on the nature and character of God. It is our opportunity to respond to His goodness both intellectually and emotionally; in spirit and in truth. We design our worship services to reflect the cultural diversity on our campus, and we seek to provide students with multiple ways to express their praise and adoration to the Father. Taking time throughout the week to engage in corporate worship with students, faculty, and staff strengthens community and cultivates unity on our campus.

It is with these ideas in mind that we plan and create the chapel schedule. We hope that you are blessed by being able to hear the teaching of Word of God and the shared testimonies of his saints.