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Start Your Journey to Becoming an Attorney at Law.

The Pre-Law Pathway to Becoming an Attorney

Ohio Christian University offers a Pre-Law pathway through various undergraduate majors to empower students seeking to enter the legal profession.  A common belief that students must graduate with law-related degrees is a misconception. The legal world has changed significantly in the past decade impacting how students plan their studies.  Admissions experts seek applicants who show skills-based capabilities over those who have a law-based undergraduate degree.  

If your aim is to become an attorney or paralegal, a traditional liberal arts degree will cultivate the intellectual habits necessary for legal studies. Students who excel in written communication, reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning will most likely also excel in the entrance exam for law school and a law school program.

Follow Your Interests

The best course of action is to pick a major you find interesting and then aim to master the coursework with consistently high grades. Feeding your interests with a major based on your choice will empower you to study harder simply for the sake of your passion to explore and learn. Once your major is set, graduating with a dual major, minor, or extracurricular activities will make your file more competitive when you seek admittance into law schools.

Although any undergraduate degree would suffice for entrance into law school, the majors below through Ohio Christian University naturally lend themselves to a future in legal practice:

Consider applying or enrolling in one of these programs to start on Ohio Christian University's Pre-Law pathway today!