Fall 2023 Revival:

Ohio Christian University continues to experience the spiritual benefit of our 75th Diamond Anniversary Revival with Dr. John Oswalt. There is a feeling of fresh and positive campus morale which brings new energy, vitality and momentum to the campus community climate.

Many new decisions to follow Christ seeking a deeper walk and commitment to Him were made. Faculty and staff had the privilege of praying with the students as they sought for His saving and sanctifying power. We witnessed whole sports teams stepping out to pray together at the altar seeking God.






We were blessed to have four young ladies (Victoria Rollins, Charlotte Brummett, Qu'Shaunda Schmelzer, Ashlee Fouch) asking to be baptized indicating the public commitment of themselves to follow Christ. Several faculty, staff and students were blessed to witness these ladies statement of faith at the YMCA swimming pool. The baptism ceremonies were filled with praise and songs lead by the worship teams. The ladies testified of God’s saving power and their commitment to live for Christ. Rev. Troy Diersing, Executive Director of Student Development and Dr. Steve McGuire, Director of Church Relations and Community Development performed the baptismal ceremony.

Student Charlotte Brummett shared: “I grew up in church since age eleven. Last year was the most difficult year of my life with a lot of self-doubt in who I am in Christ. This morning when I woke (the second day of revival) I knew I needed to rededicate my life to Christ and was ready to take that next step in living for Him by being baptized”. Charlotte’s witness to Christ spread among other student athletes on the Women’s Softball Team which is led by Marissa Klingshirn.