Ohio Christian University is excited to announce the addition of a Bachelor of Science in Biology to the Circleville campus program starting Fall of 2024.

While Ohio Christian has added many liberal arts programs on top of its foundational biblical studies and ministry programs, the BS in Biology will be a pivotal addition to the campus’ academic catalog, branching out into the medical field and accommodating students with a passion for hands-on science.

President Dr. Ronald E. Smith and Provost Dr. Donald Tucker have prepared the university for this educational advancement by meeting the Higher Learning Commission requirements and receiving approval for this new major program to officially start August of 2024. The university is also preparing for the addition of a new lab space through the renovation of the Berryleaf off-campus building.

Ohio Christian’s BS in Biology will take a faith-focused approach to scientific study, encouraging students to study God’s creation for the purpose of advancing the kingdom through their field. Some of the available courses for this program will include Anatomy, Bioethics, Botany, Chemistry, Physiology, Zoology and more. After completing a BS in Biology at Ohio Christian students could explore career options like scientific research, medicine, pharmacy, and veterinary science.

If you or someone you know is interested in pursing a Bachelor of Science in biology, visit ohiochristian.edu/biology for more information.