Ohio Christian University’s 3rd annual Scholar’s Day Competition took place on Saturday, Feb. 29th and brought in 36 qualifying participants to compete for our $50,000 scholarships and full-tuition Distinguished Trailblazer Scholarship. 

Ohio Christian awards six $50,000 scholarships, which include paid internship opportunities on campus. These scholarships, named the Creative Communities, Homeschool Excellence, and Ohio’s Future Scholarships, focus on three different areas: small population high school students, homeschool students, and students of diversity. The Distinguished Trailblazer Scholarship, our highest award, is meant to aid one promising individual in their academic pursuits at Ohio Christian and to reward them for their current academic success and Christ-like character. 

Ohio Christian University is proud to announce the Scholar’s Day Scholarship recipients for fall 2020, and we look forward to having these high-achieving, God-honoring students on our campus in the near future. 

  • Distinguished Trailblazer- Benjamin Ratliff
  • Homeschool Excellence- Olivia Thornton and Darcy Mitchell
  • Ohio's Future- Gabriella Egbert and Gavin Bangert
  • Creative Communities- Jenni Walters and Jacob Werkmeister

Student scholar photos arranged in order of the list above, or hover over picture to see student scholar's name.